Hunting Show Host Melissa Bachman Under Fire For Lion Hunt Photo

” Big-game hunter and “Winchester Deadly Passion” host Melissa Bachman has found herself the target of a merciless onslaught of negative comments by non-hunters for doing something perfectly legal.

Bachman’s trouble began when she posted a picture of herself with an African lion on her webpage and Facebook page.  She wrote of the trophy pic, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion. What a hunt!”

   It didn’t take long for the enviro-nuts to ascend their soapbox in the form of a petition demanding Ms Bachmann be determined persona non grata in South Africa . As of now ( 11.18.13 17:52 EST ) there have been 184,359 signatories to Ms Burman’s petition . The odd thing about the petition , to us anyway as we are not familiar with ‘ s SOP , is the fact that the page is in Italian and after scrolling through at least a dozen pages of the comments from signers , it is apparent that the petitioners themselves are all Italian … Not a South African in sight .

” Burman’s petition reads in part: “She [Melissa Bachman] is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on. As tax payers we demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its natural resources.”

   Here are some more photos of Ms Bachman on the hunt various prey courtesy of her Facebook page . Give her a like just to rub it in the enviro-weenies faces . 

Mel Bachman Africa

” Hunting at the Maroi Conservancy with an amazing PH, Julious Heyneke. If you’re looking to book an African Safari contact Julious at or checkout — with Julious Heyneke.”

    If the do-gooders were upset about the vicious lion we suppose they’ll have a heart attack over the gentle , cute and lovable zebra . Have a look .



     It makes no difference to these Earth-First types whether Ms Bachman is doing anything illegal or unethical , nor does it matter that large segments of Africa depend on controlled , regulated big game hunting as a major economic engine that spreads the wealth from the government all the way down the monetary ladder to the local tribesmen .

” Although Bachman has yet to respond to her critics, the place where he took the lion has. The Maroi Conservancy defended the hunt on its Facebook page stating: “We are not apologizing for facilitating the hunt. If you are not a game farmer and struggling with dying starving animals, poaching and no fences in place to protect your animals and crop, please refrain from making negative derogatory[sic] comments.” “

   Just in case we haven’t stirred the pot long enough to cause the Birkenstock crowd to wet their collective panties , here’s a final shot that is sure to outrage … what with it’s echoes of that other famous female killer of beasts Sarah Palin , here is Melissa with her first trophy Alaskan Brown bear … wipe that spittle off your lips you …

Alaskan Brown Bear

Here for your viewing pleasure is a parting video of Melissa on an opening day whitetail hunt in Illinois .


    In order to clarify for all , here are some regulations regarding hunting in South Africa along with a link to all you need to know to hunt the country including lions , rhino , cape buffalo , elephant and even giraffe .

” Seriously, you can shoot everything in this country, even species which have long disappeared from their home ranges in the north of Africa flourish on ranches in this country. If you’re not into sweating in extreme heat, wading muddy rivers, climbing frigid peaks or being bitten by flies and ticks then this is your hunting heaven. Likewise if you’re not the super wealthy type South Africa is also your country of choice.”

On lions in particular …

” Lion hunting in South Africa is a controversial issue right now although they are still being hunted in great numbers. Essentially 99 percent of the Lion shot in South Africa each year come from large scale breeding facilities which specialize in trophy cats. Naturally these beasts are pen raised and fed and then once of trophy size sold to various outfitters who introduce them onto open land where they can be shot. This type of shooting has been called canned hunting and if the truth be told, many unethical operators have simply shot the cats in their small enclosures. Prices tend to be more reasonable for these types of shoot and trophy quality is tremendous. This is essentially a shoot and should not be referred to as a hunt. The cats in these situations are often more aggressive and dangerous than their wild counterparts. In addition despite what the anti-hunting fraternity say, the consumptive use / shooting of these Lions do relieve the pressure on the wild lions in other countries. Read more about this issue….

    Here is a link to the general hunting rules for South Africa revised in 2008  and here is licensing information , a bit out of date (2008) but even 5 years ago the license fees were very expensive . Depending on which province you choose for your hunt you could pay upwards of $20,000 to hunt the protected Big Game that is so highly prized .

   As the links amply demonstrate the hunting industry in South Africa is highly regulated and there is certainly no danger of a few Facebook photos from an American hunting celebrity opening the flood gates to unchecked mass slaughter of the nation’s fauna .

UPDATE: An astute reader sent us a link to probably the best defense of , #1)  Melissa Bachman , 2) Maroi Conservancy , 3) Hunting in South Africa  , 4) Hunting in general , and the overwhelmingly positive effect that hunting has on conservation . The writer has devoted a great deal of time to researching his post and he shows how , contrary to what the Birkenstock brigade would have you believe , hunters are the animal kingdom’s best friends , foremost conservationists and most effective stewards … period . Do yourself a favor and read it all .