Here Comes The Health Insurer Bailout



” Apparently deep within the bowels of Obamacare is a provision which says that if an insurer who participates in the Obamacare exchanges loses over 3% more than they thought they would they can recoup 50% of that loss from the taxpayer. If the companies lose 8% they can recoup 80% of that loss.”

    The anti-crony administration made sure to take care of their insurance company cronies with the Obamacare bill . This along with the fact that the insurance companies lobbied for and helped write the current unworkable legislation explain why a private industry would be so anxious for a virtual “nationalization” of their industry . Their profits were assured from the beginning .

     Reminds us again how the Democrats are the party of the people , while the Republicans are the party of corporate interests . Hmmm. 

    This provision guarantees that even if none of the healthy young sign up for inflated , unnecessary policies in order to cover the costs of the old , the sick and the infirm , something that from the beginning was deemed absolutely essential to make the healthcare overhaul financially feasible , even if no one signs up , the insurance company’s losses are to be underwritten by the taxpayers . Can you say bailout ?