New Dinosaur ‘Siats Meekerorum’ Discovered, Kept Early Tyrannosaurs ‘In Check’


” A new species of dinosaur discovered in Utah is believed to be the third-largest predator found in North America.

Named Siats meekerorum, after the man-eating monster from the Ute tribal legend, the fossil belongs to a species of giant meat eaters known as carcharodontosaurs and is the second one discovered in North America.”



” “This thing is gigantic,” Lindsay Zanno, a paleontologist at North Carolina State University, who discovered the species, told Wired. “There’s simply nothing even close in this ecosystem to the size of this animal that could’ve been interpreted as an apex predator.

While the specimen was a juvenile that measured 30 feet long and weighed 9,000 pounds, the paleontologists estimate a full-grown Siats could have weighed up to 11,000 pounds, Discovery News reports.”



    We are living in exciting times in the world of paleontology as the new discoveries keep coming at a rapidly accelerating rate . Witness the discoveries announced over the past few weeks including one in the Gobi desert , the announcement of the discovery of the T-Rex’s “Bad Grampa” and now this one .