Man Exposes Wife’s Breast And Strips Her On PS4 Live Stream





” As reported by website GameRevolution, the couple sat on their sofa drinking until the woman passed out. He then lifted her shirt and exposed her breast for “about 15 minutes.” After that he went one step further by briefly turning off the broadcast only to return with the unconscious woman completely stripped naked.

  The user was reportedly banned instantly but they were not the only ones getting up to naughtiness. Some other users made videos of themselves parading around with guns, while others also exhibitioned instances of nudity.

  It was only a matter of time before PlayStation users exploited and defiled the live-streaming feature. At the moment the feature is open for any gamer to publicly display all manner of X-rated shenanigans before they are banned. What this means for its future and the implications of censorship will surely be a big issue for Sony.”



   This sort of behavior is both to be expected and regretted and is sure to become ever more commonplace as we not only welcome the spyware of the 21st century into our homes but demand it . The double-edged sword of technological advancement is dramatically outpacing the growth of human nature , and the question is , “Are we better off for it ” ?

    It is ironic that the very same technological progress that is growing at an amazing rate coincides with a corresponding loss of moral character just when that upright character is needed most . The society of 50 years ago was much better equipped to handle the freeing up of the information stream than are the people of today who wallow in the sty of moral turpitude .