Remington Arms Wins Contract As Departure Rumors Continue



” The Mohawk Valley firearm manufacturer Remington Arms has won a contract worth nearly $50 million supplying the Philippine military. The contract comes amidst lingering concerns the factory will leave the state.

  Remington will provide 50,000 R4 carbine rifles to the Philippine defense forces by the end of next year. Rep. Richard Hanna, (R – Barneveld), said the work on the rifles will be done in upstate New York. “



   Remington would do all NY gun owners a favor if the packed up and left the state after nearly 200 years . There would be much sympathy for the people of upstate Ilion and the surrounding area as their jobs go south , but enough is enough . The policies of the ruling class in this state have been driving business out for as long as anyone can remember .

Unfortunately the manufacturing jobs that have fled the state in droves have significantly more impact on the more conservative voting people who live far from the major metropolis of New York City while the state government is primarily controlled by the liberal voters in the city and it’s immediate environs . Thus nobody in charge , Cuomo et al , give a damn about the flyover country that exists , even in NY .



  ” The law’s passage sparked a flurry of approaches from other states courting the gun maker to leave New York. Rumors of the factory moving south have been constant, as it was reported in August Remington’s corporate owners were scouting sites in Tennessee.

  Remington’s parent company, North Carolina-based Freedom Group, has been fairly mum on the prospect.

  Some smaller gun makers in New York have already packed up and left this year.”