Harvard: Students Turn On Obama, Want Him Recalled, Reject Obamacare



” The Obama thrill is gone among America’s millennials aged 18-29 just a year after they helped the president win a second term.

  A new and shocking poll from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics released Wednesday found that younger Americans are so disgusted with President Obama, Congress and the troubled Obamacare system that 47 percent support recalling the president and just 29 percent are planning to sign up for health insurance.

  How bad is it? Obama’s approval rating among millennials, many with big college loans and no job, is just 41 percent. Even young blacks are tiring of the president, with his approval rating among African-Americans dropping from 84 percent seven months ago to 75 percent today. “

     The only real surprise here is why the kids took so long to come to their senses . They have been bearing the brunt of Dear Leader’s horrific policies all along . From owing their souls to the company store of student loans that paid for educations which produce no job prospects and make them to move into their parent’s basements , to being forced to buy insurance that they don’t want or need , to being saddled with an over-whelming national debt , Obama has done nothing positive for the younger generation .