IRS Guarantees Obamacare Collapse





” According to a report in the Washington Post, which has been handing out “Pinnochios” for the president’s lies, everything hinges on the IRS, whose tasks include “helping to distribute trillions of dollars in insurance subsidies and penalizing people who do not comply.” Those are part of “nearly four dozen new tasks” that represent the biggest increase in IRS responsibilities in decades. IRS bosses say they are ready to roll but others remain skeptical. MIT economist Jon Gruber, a designer of Obamacare mandates, told the Post“We should be absolutely clear we don’t know how this will work.” Robert Laszewski of Health Policy and Strategy Associates sees “little hope we are going to get enough younger healthy people to sign up, and that means that this law is in grave danger of financial collapse.” “



     If the IRS carries out it’s Obamacare responsibilities in the fashion that we have come to expect from that agency , and the rest of government for that matter , there is little doubt that it is doomed .



Illustration by Michael Ramirez