23 Axe Apollo Fans With The Right Stuff Win Free Space Trips





” For the past week, more than 100 participants from over 60 countries around the world have taken part in mental aptitude tests, combat training in a fighter jet and zero-gravity flights to distinguish themselves as the most worthy of one for one of the coveted tickets to space with Space Expedition Corporation under a project by the makers of Axe Apollo body spray. SXC manages trips aboard the reusable XCOR Aerospace Lynx rocket plane, a commercial space plane that is expected to begin flying customers in 2014 or 2015.”







” After a yearlong competition, and one week of astronaut training, the lucky winners of the 23 tickets were announced here at the AXE Apollo Space Academy Thursday (Dec. 5) in the rocket garden at the Kennedy Space Center. A ticket on the Lynx usually costs $95,000. [See photos of the Lynx space plane] “