How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? NYPD Releases New Interactive Map Revealing The City’s Most Dangerous And Violent Streets



Color coded: The darker the neighborhood precinct the more crime per thousand people is committed. From this map areas of Brookyln, The Bronx and Times Square Manhattan have experienced most violent crime since January





” The NYPD has for the first time released an interactive map that shows all serious crimes committed in the city – confirming the increased danger of living in a poor neighborhood.

  Enabling New Yorkers to finally see how their street matches up against other boroughs, the map reveals that incidences of the seven major felony crimes – including murder, rape and robbery – are more common in neighborhoods where the average income is lower.

  New York Police and the city’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Department unveiled the new map on Sunday despite the force’s insistence that the statistics have been available on their website since 2003.”



Details: The map can be enlarged to show as near to possible where each crime was reported. Larger circles mean multiple crimes were reported in the vicinity



Read more and access the map here .