Teens Dress Up As Superheroes And Spread Kindness To Strangers





” Two teens from Illinois want to teach others that you can save someone’s day through simple random acts of kindness.

From HLN:

  High school juniors Zade Abdullah and Kyle Nutt have been posting hilarious videos to their YouTube channel for a year and a half, but their latest creation has the duo providing acts of kindness instead of comedy.

“ My parents always wanted me to do good and 16-year-olds are stereotyped for being rotten kids,” Abdullah told HLN. “We wanted to show people that all 16-year-olds are not like that. We can be good and do good in the community and make the world a better place.”

  The Dixon, Illinois, teens did what they had to do to spread the word about small acts of kindness. They put on tights.”