21 Things ’80s Kids’ Did That Would Horrify Us Now





” Now, as a parent myself, my own parents like to tell me I’m too overprotective.


“Well, you survived,” they say. 

“Yep, but it seems like the odds were against me.”

   I write a lot about being a Gen Xer — Here are a few things I did growing up that make me wonder how our generation survived … 



1.  Thinking the middle seat in the front was the best seat because I could get crushed into the dashboard, I mean, because I got to control the 5 radio stations.

2.  Being totally inaccessible – from after school until dinner. Now, we would call that being lost.

3.  Having an equal intake of air: 50% – Oxygen, 50% – second hand smoke.

4.  Thinking that SPF 4 was responsibly using sun block.

5.  Thinking the haze of Solarcaine I was engulfed in was a healthy way to heal the 2nd degree burns I inevitably got from using SPF 4. “

6.  Getting excited when someone had a pick-up truck because that meant the kids got to ride on the flatbed.

7. Sitting on my dad’s lap and manning the steering wheel.

8.  Eating salami straight from the log.

9. Playing on a rusted swing set where that one leg always popped out of the ground threatening to propel into space and then came back with a thud.

10. Helmets? No one wore them and if you did, you were super geeky… protecting your nerdy brain and all.”




    Read the rest and marvel that any of us survived to see the 21st century , and to think that we are from an even more promiscuous age having grown up in the sixties and early seventies … when every boy had a gun and there was no such thing as a car seat . It’s a miracle that there are any of us left at all .