Tom Hanks Exposes Disneyland’s Secret ‘Mile High Club’



Saving Mr Banks




” After playing  Walt Disney in the upcoming “Saving Mr. Banks,” Tom Hanks has found himself with more Disneyland trivia than he ever expected to have.

  The film, which also stars Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell, focuses on Disney’s two-week-long attempt in 1961 to convince author P.L Travers to let him adapt her novel “Mary Poppins” for the silver screen.

  Because of this Hanks, 57, and the rest of the cast and crew, found themselves spending their fair share of time filming at the park. And learning all about its secrets as a result.”





” “You ask questions like, ‘what happened to this ride?’” the actor said. “And then they tell you why there are no sky buckets anymore. Remember sky buckets? You caught them in Tomorrowland, took them to Fantasyland, went right through the heart of the Matterhorn. Came out the other side?

“One of the problems was, there were a lot of people trying to join, let’s call it, the Mile High Club. In the sky buckets,” he continued to an incredulous O’Brien. “There were other naughty stuff going on, but there were people that tried to, how do we say this, get the deed done. How to enjoy the e-ticket, maybe the g-ticket, maybe the o-ticket, I don’t know.” “