The New Frontline Fashion Statement


” The high demand for protection has spurred one vendor to produce cheap and lightweight bulletproof vests using X-ray film. The vests have become an essential safety measure for protest guards on Ratchadamnoen and around Government House. 

  Tests involving shots over a distance of five metres had shown an M-16 bullet penetrated 35 layers of X-ray film, a .357 bullet 28 layers, an 11mm bullet 18 layers, a .38 bullet 12 layers and a .22 bullet nine layers. The vendor uses 40 layers of X-ray film on the front and rear of each bulletproof vest. Each vest weighs less than 2kg. The vendor once made the vests from unbleached cloth, but he now orders them ready-made with the supporting steel plates removed. ”


From the Bangkok Post via Michael Yon