Torpedo Los! Another Toys For Totalitarians Shipment Delivered, This Time To Andrew Cuomo

” USPS reports that the following letter and package was signed for by A Hasson at Albany, NY, at 9:24 this morning.

23 December 2013

Andrew M. Cuomo

NYS State Capitol Building

Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo,

  Merry Christmas! Although it will no doubt get to you late, enclosed you will find my Christmas gift to you, one thirty-round standard capacity AK-74 magazine in 5.45×39 caliber, manufactured by TAPCO, USA, located in the great little town of Kennesaw, Georgia, where every head of household residing within the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition. You have been awarded this gift as part of what my friend David Codrea calls my “Toys for Totalitarians Campaign.”

  I selected this magazine in honor of Mikhail Kalashnikov, who died today. Given your collectivist politics, I thought it was an appropriate choice, since Kalashnikov was an unrepentant Soviet to the end of his days. To other tyranneau governors such as yourself — Hickenlooper of Colorado and Malloy of Connecticut — I sent magazines manufactured in their states to remind them of the companies (and jobs) departing their jurisdictions because of their own unconstitutional laws banning such devices to otherwise honest, law-abiding citizens. But you don’t need any reminders about what the wildly misnamed SAFE Act is costing your state, so the Kalashnikov magazine seemed the appropriate choice. From one collectivist to another, I thought.”





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