Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Opens Up About The Film Adaptation Of His Bestselling Book Lone Survivor

Marcul Lutrell Blaze

” On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn welcomed his good friend, former Navy SEAL and author Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie for an emotional conversation about his bestselling book and now critically acclaimed film Lone Survivor. Glenn, who attended the premiere of the film with Marcus, has called it the greatest war film he has ever seen.

  While Hollywood is certainly not known for being a pro-military community, the movie adaptation of Lone Survivor offers a very real look into the tragic story of Operation Redwing. A mission that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.

  Having authored the book, Marcus served as a consultant throughout the production process, getting to know the cast and crew very well and enlightening them to the realities of the situation. Glenn asked Marcus to describe that process.”

There is more here including more videos and this interview may also be of interest .

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    We saw “Lone Survivor” in a packed theater last night and all we can say is SEE IT !!! And while we are at it do not forget the story of Lt Michael Murphy as told in “Murph The Protector” .