Gmail: You No Longer Need Someone’s Address To Send Them An Email


” Google is about to make it a whole lot easier for strangers to send you an email. Likewise, you will soon be able to send an email to someone, even if you don’t have their address.

  It’s a new Gmail feature that will let you type anyone’s name into the “To” field (when you compose your email) and then you can send them an email. However, it will also mean you could get many received from others. The emails, thankfully, should not land in your Gmail inbox, but in a newly set up “social” tab, you may have noticed was introduced as an addition to your Gmail a few months back.


  The service is expected to go live within the next week and it has been confirmed — and this is the important bit — that by default, anyone on its social network will be able to send messages to your Gmail inbox.”

Source : Digital Journal