Mississippi Proposed Bill Publishes Name And Social Security Number Of Gun Owners




Here’s a photo of the genius . How do we continue to elect such morons ?



” Today Mississippi Representative Omeria Scott (D-District 80) introduced House Bill 231.  In her bill she proposes that anyone who sells ammunition in the State of Mississippi be required to keep records of each sale.  If passed,

  every merchant, dealer or pawnbroker that sells pistol or rifle cartridges, shall keep a record of all sales of such cartridges sold, showing the description of the kind and caliber of cartridges so sold, the name, address and driver’s license or social security number of the purchaser, and the description of and the quantity of cartridges and date of sale.

  These records, which include social security number, name and address would be “open to public inspection at any time to persons desiring to see it.” “



   Here is the woman’s biopage at Ballotpedia , her Facebook page and her government page with contact information . She has been in office since 1993 and you can view her voting record here . Just remember , if you choose to contact her and let your voice be heard , make it a voice of reason and not a voice of anger and hatred such as is so common coming from her side of the aisle .