Former Deputy Accused Of Rape Out On Bond



Sheriff Rape



” No one answered at Willie Greer’s East Ridge residence Friday. Someone peered out the windows, but didn’t come to the door. The 33-year-old former Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy was out on $50,000 bond Friday.

  Greer is charged with aggravated rape and official misconduct after allegedly forcing a woman to perform a sex act during a traffic stop. He was fired from his job and immediately taken to jail Thursday.

  According to the probable cause affidavit, the 32-year-old female victim was driving down Birchwood Pike in Harrison on January 5th around 1 a.m. when Greer pulled her over for speeding.

  The victim told investigators Greer handcuffed her and said she was going to jail, but kept telling her, “I could let you go, but you’d owe me.” 

  Greer then uncuffed the victim, and had her follow him to a remote area around the corner to “talk about it.” The victim told police the deputy handcuffed her again and then forced her to perform a sex act.”