Can You Solve This Grammatically Incorrect, Impossible Common Core Question?



A Carroll County, Maryland grandmother wants to know why her granddaughter’s Common Core-aligned fourth grade curriculum includes the following grammatically incorrect–and mathematically baffling–quiz question:

“Tyler made 36 total snowflakes which is a multiple of how triangular snowflakes he made. How many triangular snowflakes could he have made?”

  A significant grammatical error makes the question incomprehensible. But even assuming better phrasing, it’s not obvious to children what the question is asking, according to the grandmother, Gail Householder.

“ Who thinks many 9-year-olds will actually understand this and come up with the correct answer?” she asked in a letter to The Baltimore Sun.

Here is Ms Householder’s letter : Baffling Common Core Question



” Something is very wrong with this curriculum, and I believe it will eventually harm our children’s education rather than improve it, which was the original goal of this misguided program.

 Or was it?”