Machine Gun Tourism In Sin City







” Bob Irwin, owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas, considers himself the pioneer of machine gun tourism.

  Irwin has been renting out machine guns to tourists for shooting at his indoor gun range since the 1980s. “This is my idea,” he said.

  Customers can fire an array of machine guns, including a World War II-era Schmeisser submachine gun, a pink AK-47 with a “Hello Kitty” decal and a belt-fed M249 that’s currently used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan.”







  The Hello Kitty guns are “for the bachelorette parties to shoot,” Irwin explains.

  Irwin said that he used to be the only range in town where customers could fire machine guns. But five competitors have opened up just in the last year, dragging down his annual sales by 30%.

  Still, he says he averages about 200 customers a day.”


    If you’ve never had the pleasure of full-auto shooting we highly recommend that you give it a try . It is a blast , pun intended , and Nevada is not the only machine gun friendly state . If you live in the northeast you can experience the same fun in New Hampshire . The Manchester Firing Line , a range that we belong to offers a very similar experience to Las Vegas’ The Gun Store . Give it a shot . You won’t be disappointed .





   Other states where you can legally rent and shoot full-auto include North Carolina , Florida , South Carolina as well as these states listed below :

Arkansas (1) Colorado (1) Connecticut (1)
Florida (1) Georgia (1) Hawaii (2) Illinois (1)
Indiana (1) Kentucky (2) Maryland (2) Massachusetts (1)
Michigan (1) Minnesota (1) Nevada (6) New Hampshire (2)
New Mexico (1) North Carolina (1) Ohio (3) Oklahoma (2)
Oregon (1) Pennsylvania (1) South Carolina (2) Texas (2)
For a summary of NFA class weapons laws , both Federal and State go here .
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