Epic Narrative Fail: Laughably Few Voters Believe Income Inequality Is The Government’s Business






” The “post-partisan” president revealed his true left-wing radical colors recently with his completely predictable pivot away from ObamaCare and economic failure (not to mention all those “phony scandals”) to something near and dear to his community organizer heart: income inequality.

  But the overwhelming majority of voters aren’t buying itOnly 13% of  a random sample of 1,010 registered voters contacted by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R) at the behest of Fox News believe income inequality is any of the government’s business.”



   As the chart from Gallup shows below , the host of “problems” that the politicians and the media swear that the people are demanding solutions to are , in reality quite low down on the totem pole . Can you say “Squirrel” boys and girls ? Note also that the problems that ARE of chief concern to the public , by and large , are government caused in the first place . 



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