Oklahoma Considering Separation Of Marriage & State




” Oklahoma Republicans are promoting a bill that could make marriage a private institution in their state. The legislation, filed by Rep. Mike Turner, could end all government regulation of marriage and leave the matter to individuals and their churches. The ACLU has called this attempt the first of its kind in the US.

  In an interview with Oklahoma’s News9, Turner made a reasonable, liberty-minded case for his bill, expressing skepticism as to whether “marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all.” He said there is a “realistic opportunity” for the bill to succeed.”


   Finally someone has come to their senses and realized that the government has no business regulating the institution of marriage . We have long held that the concept of marriage belongs where it started , in the church and not the town hall . It is religious beliefs , of what ever stripe you prefer that should govern the marriage process and not some government bureaucrat . 
   This solves numerous problems including the issue of gay rights to marriage . This is not to say that gays should be excluded from forming life partnerships , only that people of religion and individual churches should not be forced to compromise their basic tenets on the whim of the State . 
    The State can be free to ensure that everyone , gays included , can have access to the equal rights of civil union and all of the legal niceties and headaches that that implies while people of faith can maintain their beliefs and not be coerced by the State to make accommodations that go against their core beliefs . Bravo Oklahoma …