Charles Schumer : The IRS Isn’t Doing Enough To Destroy The Tea Party





” Give Charles Schumer this. He is nothing if not shameless. The Tea Party bothers him because it causes people to question the wonderfulness of big government. He can use government agencies to harass them and take them down.

  So why not?

  I have to say, the Tea Party that exists in his alternate universe sounds pretty confused. They shout at him about things they actually like. They listen to “plutocrats” who actually oppose their interests. They complain about trial lawyers and they don’t even know any trial lawyers!

  But when you really listen to Schumer, you realize he holds Tea Party members in contempt. He thinks they’re stupid. He thinks they “mouth Rush Limbaugh and Fox News talking points” and don’t really know anything about the issues they’re talking about. They’re just “government haters.” “