Cop Tases Handcuffed Girl Repeatedly Until She Becomes Vegetative, Dies







” A 20-yr-old girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against a cop after their daughter was left in a brain-dead, vegetative state until she died.

  Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below).

  She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he continued to Tase her anyway.

  She was in handcuffs at the time.

  Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

  She said, “I can’t get up.”

  The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” and continued to send high voltage electricity into her limp body until she entered into brain-death.

  After surviving in a vegetative state for some time, she finally died, leaving behind her family and community.”


    Officer Cole is also the defendant in another lawsuit for excessive force after being cleared by his peers for shooting an innocent cemetery owner last year for an alleged “property crime”  and a minister in 2001 for a broken tail light. No wonder he is known as the “trigger-happy trooper” . 

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