‘Be Open-Handed Toward Your Brothers’





” Conservatives eager to reverse these facts naturally reach for their checkbooks. As I found in my 2006 book Who Really Cares, the average conservative household contributes significantly more to charity than does the average liberal household despite earning less income. According to the 1996 General Social Survey, those who strongly agreed that “the government has a responsibility to reduce income inequality” gave away $140 on average to charity. Among those who strongly disagreed, the average gift was $1,637.

  Of the 10 most charitable states in 2012, as ranked by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, nine went for Romney over Obama. Three times as many red states as blue states placed in the top 20 states in giving. And all but one of the 10 least charitable states swung President Obama’s way.

  Why do conservatives give more? The research shows that the largest charity differences owe to religious participation. We see that religious liberals are approximately as generous as their conservative co-religionists. But there are far more religious conservatives today than religious liberals, so the political gap persists.”


   Arthur Brooks has written a definitive piece on the nature of charity and benevolence in the hands of private citizenry as compared to the liberal demand for government-mandated beneficence  . This lengthy essay is worth every minute of your time as it explains in great detail how conservatives and their private giving is so much more effective than the liberal’s demands of charity at the point of a gun .

   It all comes down to faith . Faith in God , faith in good , and faith in one’s fellow man , not faith in government .

   Read it all .