Olympic Ring Malfunction Inspires Hoaxes




” During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Feb. 7, there was a scene in which five giant snowflakes hanging in the air were supposed to expand to form the Olympic rings, followed by fireworks going off around them. However, one of the snowflakes failed to expand, and the fireworks never materialized.

  It was an embarrassing screw-up, since it was seen by millions of people around the world. And it quickly proved to be a focal point for hoaxes and parody.”



   Among the hoaxes , parodies and conspiracy theories taking flight over the Sochi Olympics opening ceremonies’ ring malfunction are the Daily Currant’s post about the “accidental death” of the man responsible , the idea that the upper right hand ring , which is the one that failed to open , was a slap at America and now there is an Audi ad … when 4 rings is all you need . Read more at the Museum of Hoaxes .