Law Enforcement Officers And DEA Agents Jump Ship To Consult Marijuana Industry




” If you can’t arrest them, why not go to work for them? That’s what some local and federal law enforcement officers are doing in Colorado and Washington, the nation’s first two states to legalize commercial marijuana.

  Trained in special weapons tactics, Craig Kloppenberg used his 30 years on SWAT teams arresting pot dealers to become a private consultant for pot producers in Colorado.

  He and another ex-cop, Joel Smith, work together to help about a dozen suppliers stay within the confines of the new law.

“ If you could make more money, give a better life to your family, why not?” Kloppenberg told CNBC. “I believe it’s going to be very lucrative.”

  Even former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents are cashing in on the new industry.”


    These men are mercenaries and nothing more . While we have no problem with people performing legal work and making every effort to better their lives and the lives of their families , the hypocrisy of drug warriors who have made millions of people’s lives a living hell in the pursuit of a worthless prohibition deciding that they will profit off of the very business they spent their careers fighting to destroy is sickening .

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