Regulation: This Is What The First Two Months Of A ‘Year Of Action’ Look Like




” President Barack Obama has promised that 2014 will be a “year of action,” during which Administration officials will do everything possible to avoid Congressional hurdles in furthering the White House’s policy agenda. Signaling that the Administration is poised to make good on Obama’s promise, the Federal government added 56 finalized regulations and 1,516 new pages to the Federal Register last week.”



” The 2014 Federal Register has mushroomed to 9,079 pages in the year’s first two months. If government continued enacting new rules at its current pace, the Register will accumulate 73,218 pages by 2015. According to CEI, that would actually be the lowest number of new pages added to the Register in the past five years.”


   Yet according to the article if the seemingly blistering pace of 4500 +/- new pages of regulations per month is maintained through the course of the year , it would constitute the LEAST active year in the past five … Un-F-ing believable .