Lawsuit: Instead Of Calling Paramedics, Officers Punch And Shoot Man With Tasers


” Yet another case of police tasering a deaf person who did not respond to verbal communication has emerged this week. However, this time the man in question was also in the midst of a diabetic episode.

  A man having a life threatening diabetic episode was beaten and electrified by cops before receiving medical attention.

  Robert Kim is suing two police officers in federal court after an incident in St. Louis, when he was caught in need of assistance at the road side, after getting a flat tire.

  Kim has type one diabetes, and during the wait he slipped into a severe hypoglycemic state.

  No matter for officers from Bridgeton, who arrived on the scene and broke out their tasers, according to the lawsuit.

  The documents state that officer Leah Hall immediately understood that Kim was deaf, and was informed that he was having a diabetic attack. Instead of calling paramedics, the officer called for police back up.”



   This case is remarkably similar to one we brought to your attention just last week in which Hawthorne , California cops tased a deaf man ,  Jonathan Meister , as he tried to sign the officers that he was deaf . The only violence in this country that is on the rise is that of the police against the citizenry . SHAME 



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