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    Parliament has passed a resolution unseating Yanukovych and setting date of May 25th for new presidential election. Also Yulia Tymoshenko has been freed .



Юлия Тимошенко покинула больницу и направляется в Аэропорт летит в Киев 22.02.2014


Yulia Tymoshenko left the hospital and sent to the airport flying to Kiev 22.02.2014

Published on Feb 22, 2014
” Yulia Tymoshenko was taken from the hospital in Kharkiv sitting chair. She sat in the car, and reportedly members of her party, went to the airport.

Supporters of former prime minister shouting “Hurrah!”.

  February 22 Parliament adopted a resolution on the implementation of international obligations of Ukraine release former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko.

  Tymoshenko in October 2011 was sentenced to 7 years in prison for abuse of authority during signing gas contracts with Russia in 2009.”



   According to this report Yanukovych DID NOT flee last night and has been located in Kharkiv by activists , but no word on his exact whereabouts .



” Activists located Yanukovich. He is in Kharkiv outskirts, considering whether he should wait for negotiations with the EU for which he expressed hopes for earlier today or flee to Russia (or use an airport nearby to catch a flight to a more remote location).
  Януковича знайшли наші активісти. Він у бізнесмена-регіонала Юрія Сапронова на базі “Супреріор-Гольф-Клуб”, це Курчатова на виїзді з Харкова (напрямок на Росію, район П’ятихатки, фактично Бєлгородське шосе). Коливається, що робити. Тікати в Росію, чекати переговорів з ЄС або рушатися в аеропорт (він поруч).”