Piers Morgan Ending Nightly CNN Show






” CNN and Piers Morgan are pulling the plug on his low-rated ‘Piers Morgan Live” program, The New York Times reports.

  Morgan and CNN President Jeff Zucker mutually agreed to end the 9 p.m. weeknight show after discussing its failure to connect with audiences, CNN executives and Morgan told the Times’ David Carr. 

  The program is expected to end in March, and no replacement has been named.”


England is looking better all the time , eh Piers . We must give him some credit for self-awareness though …



” “I’m in danger of being the guy down at the end of the bar who is always going on about the same thing,” Morgan told the Times, adding that there were probably lots of people in the heartland angry “about this British guy telling them how to lead their lives and what they should do with their guns.” “


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