Ukraine Crisis Live: Russia Admits Its Troops Are Moving In Crimea




” Russian foreign ministry admits to entering Crimea from its Black Sea Fleet base as the Ukraine’s interior minister accuses country of ‘armed invasion’

  17.35 All aircraft movements at Sevastopol’s Belbek airfield are stopped after unidentified individuals seized the runway, a according to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency

  17.06 Russia has just said it will give Russian passports to members of Ukraine’s Berkut – the disbanded riot police.

  16.57 A video has emerged purporting to show 12 Russian-combat helicopters (MI-24 & MI-8 3) flying over Sevastopol in Crimea.”


The Telegraph has more on the Crimean crisis  . Meanwhile Austria has introduced sanctions on 18 of the more notorious Yanukovych government officials including the freezing of assets …


Full list of the 18 people that Austria has imposed personal sanctions on, including the freezing of assets (all the “former”s have either resigned or been fired by the newly formed government):

-Віктор Янукович-Viktor Yanukovich, former President
-Олександр Янукович-Olexandr Yanukovich, oldest son
-Микола Азаров-Mykola Azarov, former Prime Minister
-Андрій Клюєв-Andriy Kluyev, head of the Presidential Administration
-Віталій Захарченко-Vitaliy Zakharchenko, former Minister of Interior Affairs
-Сергій Арбузов-Serhiy Arbuzov, former First Deputy Prime Minister
-Михайло Добкін-Myhaylo Dobkin, former head of Kharkiv regional administration (executive branch) [recently resigned to run for President, according to his press person]
-Геннадій Кернес-Hennadiy Kernes, mayor of Kharkiv-Олександр Клименко-Olexandr Klymenko, former Minister of Revenues and Duties [this ministry created under Azarov will no longer exist]
-Валерій Коряк-Valeriy Koryak, former head of Kyiv police-Олена Лукаш-Olena Lukash, former Minister of Justice-Олександр Попов-Olexandr Popov, former head of Kyiv city administration [executive branch]
-Віктор Пшонка-Viktor Pshonka, former Prosecutor General-Станіслав Шуляк
-Stanislav Shulyak, former Commander of Internal Armed Forces
-Володимир Сівкович-Volodymyr Sivkovych, former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council
-Олександр Якименко-Olexandr Yakymenko, former head of Ukraine’s Security Service
-Юрій Іванющенко-Yuriy Ivanushchenko, MP, considered one of the most influential members of the Party of Regions-Едуард Ставицький-Eduard Stavytskiy, former Minister of Energy and Coal


Switzerland has also frozen the accounts of the following individuals …



   … while Swiss authorities have raided a firm in Geneva owned by fugitive Yanukovych that is suspected of money laundering …


ZURICH (Reuters) -” Swiss police have raided the premises of a Geneva firm owned by ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and his son Oleksander in an investigation into “aggravated money laundering.”

The Geneva cantonal ministry in charge of justice and police said the raid took place on Thursday morning and documents were taken away. The action was directed “against the Yanukovych clan,” it said in a statement on Friday.”


    The tiny principality of Liechtenstein has also frozen thug assets yet the leaderless US can bring itself to do nothing more than “urge restraint” . More of that “smart diplomacy”™ in action .