Family Calls 911 After Being Trapped & “Terrorized” By Their Cat



Cat Attack



” A fat cat with a bad attitude attacked a baby and forced a Portland family to hide in a bedroom before calling 911.  

  Police were called out to deal with the crazed kitty at The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

  The man who called 911 told the dispatcher the cat “went over the edge,” and was charging at them every time they opened the door. Lee Palmer, his girlfriend, Teresa Barker and their son, Jesse, were taking cover in the bedroom.

” He’s trying to attack us,” he said. “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”



   What a namby-pamby world we live in . Grownups resort to calling 911 because of a cat ? I would be too ashamed to ever admit that to anyone . What has become of the American man ?

Read more about this courageous specimen of an American man here … WTFHWB?