Sandy Hook Shocker: Associated Press Stories & Photos Predate The Massacre




” A blogger named Timothy Hunter gained access to Sipa Press‘ archives through his school. Hunter’s access ended “last semester,” but not before he was able to discover and record stunning evidence that many of the photos the Associated Press (AP) supposedly had taken on the Sandy Hook massacre had dates-of-creation that predated December 14, 2012.

  Sipa Press is a French photo agency based in Paris and the leading photo agency in the world with 20 million pictures in its archives and 12 million in its digital database. Sipa Press distributes up to 6.000 newspictures every day — on politics, economy, entertainment and sports — to customers in more than 40 countries across the world. Sipa’s most important associates are the Associated Press, Rex Features in the United Kingdom and La Presse in Italy.

  This is Hunter’s video, presenting and describing his findings.”


     The DC Clothesline has much more including many screenshots and transcripts for those who prefer to linger of hardcopy.

    While we have not spent enough time going over the reams of data surrounding the Newtown “shooting” to form an intelligent opinion , we will say that given the current state of our politics in America and the endless government corruption on display we do not find it incredulous that our leaders would resort to false flag operations to subvert our liberties .