Interactive Map Reveals The World’s 22 Most Deadly Highways

Deadly Roads



” From cliff-top single track roads with deadly drops in Pakistan to highways renowned for their bandits in Mexico, an interactive map includes ‘fear factor’ ratings for the routes and includes perilous facts about them to highlight the dangers of driving.

  The North Yungas road in Bolivia is widely considered to be the world’s most dangerous route and has even earned the nickname of ‘death road’.

  The 40-mile stretch of single-track road meanders round cliffs and there are no barriers to protect drivers going in opposite directions from deadly drops. 

  The interactive map, by Hertfordshire- based Driving Experiences is based upon the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) global status report of 2013 on road safety as well as other data sets.”


    While the selections on the video below do not match exactly with the roads in the accompanying story there is enough overlap between the two to offer the reader a view and brief history of many of the world’s deadliest highways .









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