Churchville High School Fight – Rochester, NY


    We apologize to our readers . The original video that was posted on both Liveleak and Youtube has been removed due to “violations of terms of service” and we neglected to download the vid ourselves . We had no idea it would disappear so quickly and so must offer you this news report instead .






Here is a news report of the brawl from WHEC

” The argument between two girls quickly grew to a fight between seven. The fights happened just before dismissal. The school had about six security guards on duty. It took almost two minutes for them to get to the fight, but teachers were around. In the video, you can hear a teacher tell someone to get help and try to get the students to stop.

  The principal of the high school says the teacher followed protocol, saying it is the safest way to handle these situations. 

  Bill Geraci, Churchville Chili High School Principal, said, “”I’ve been in schools a long time, if teachers get involved physically, it can escalate the fight and more people can get hurt.” “



     It’s a pansy-ass world we live in when the teachers are afraid to stop a fight in the hallway . In our day the teachers would have been wading in there and pulling those kids apart in seconds . This is the world that lawyers bring … paralysis , fear and liability .