MAP: Find Out The Surprising Rankings Of What Your State Is The Worst At





” Normally we’re seeing maps of how well your state does in any given area or maps having to do with political topics, however this time we’re going to show you what your state is the worst at. Created by Redditor bigafricanhat, this map was compiled using a “variety of sources” but the creator also said that they took some liberties in its creation where states came in dead last in multiple categories.

  Some of the findings may shock you and some will more than likely cause you to say “Well I’m not really surprised,” like Maryland having the most cursing or California being the worst state for business. However there are some that are rather surprising in there, like Alaska having the highest firearm death rate and Louisiana having the highest murder rate (I thought for sure that would have been Illinois and with all the hunters in AK you would think everyone knew about firearm safety).”


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