Sister Of Man Shot By APD Says He Was Innocent







” KOB Eyewitness News 4 looked into the suspect police said shot at their officers. We’ve learned he does have an extensive criminal history, including charges of assault on officers.

  The stories KOB is hearing about what happened in Tuesday’s fatal shooting are completely different.

  KOB sat down with the suspect’s sister who said police are lying, and insists her brother did not have a gun.

  Tammy said her brother and some neighbors had gotten into an argument in northwest Albuquerque. She said one of the neighbors called 911 on Lionel, saying he pulled a gun on a kid. But Tammy insists, that’s not true.

  Next thing Tammy knew, she was standing outside of his house, on the phone with him. Also there, Albuquerque police. “He’s all no sister. He’s all they’re going to shoot me. He’s like, I know they’re going to shoot me sister. I told him, no they’re not. The lieutenant promised me that they will not shoot you. He’s not here for that. He just wants you to come out,” said Tammy.

  She said Lionel and her boys walked out. Lionel, she said, had one hand up, the other was holding a cell phone.

  That’s when shots were fired. “He never shot off no rounds. He never had no gun on him. He had a cell phone in his right hand,” said Tammy.”


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