Probe Launched Into Fireman Handcuffed During Call



NO Firefighter Handcuffed During 911 Call




” Less than 24 hours after the News 2 Investigative Unit aired a story about a fireman getting handcuffed during a 911 call, the State Fire Marshal’s Office launched an investigation into the incident.

  It happened Monday night in the 100 block of Cherry Street. According to witnesses, a firefighter rendering aid during a medical call was asked to move his fire truck. The fire truck had flashing lights turned on and was parked on the side of the street. When he refused, a New Roads Police officer handcuffed and detained the fireman.

  Surveillance video from the New Roads Housing Authority captured everything on camera. The video is time stamped and shows the fireman was placed in the police car for 22 minutes before he was removed.

  Moments before he was detained, the firefighter was helping Amber Porter.”



   The poor officer had his feelings hurt and felt the need to retaliate … Spite and arrogance rule the day in law enforcement , public safety be damned .



” On Wednesday, New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald claimed the fireman made a sarcastic remark to his officer when he asked him to move his truck, which is why he was detained. McDonald reiterated that he has no plans to discipline the officer.

  That doesn’t sit well with Porter.

” I think he should get fired or suspended,” Porter said. “Something should happen to him because who just arrests somebody? He was helping me. He wasn’t just parking his car to park it.” “



    Since when is sarcasm a crime ? Oh yes , I guess this firefighter should consider himself lucky , at least his sarcasm didn’t get him shot to death like poor Cameron Redus .

   Regular readers will recall a similar display of arrogance back in February as a California Highway Patrolman arrested a First responder at an accident scene . Read more on this latest case here .