This Abused Starved Dog Was Thrown Down A Trash Chute. Then, A Miracle Happened.







” Meet Patrick. At first, your heart will cringe at the sight of him. Patrick was found wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed down a chute. A garbage truck was ready to take him away, until he was rescued at the last moment. 

It’s not certain how Patrick ended up in the trash, but we know his previous owners fastened him up to a railing for more than a week. “



Feel Better Patrick



    Words fail us regarding what we would like to do to those responsible for Patrick’s barbaric treatment , nor can we find the words to express our gratitude towards those that endeavored to rehabilitate the poor dog .

   Suffice to say that for every shameful individual out there that would abuse an innocent animal so , there are dozens who would , and do , take the time and make the effort to remedy that abuse … Go here to see the story of Patrick’s amazing recovery .