‘Shovel Girl’ Miranda Lynn Fugate Gets Hit In The Head, Laughs It Off On Twitter; See Her Response To The Viral Girl Fight YouTube Video




” Miranda Lynn Fugate aka “Shovel Girl” unexpectedly became famous today after a YouTube video called “Girl Gets Hit In The Head With Shovel During Fight” went viral on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  While, what happened in the video featuring two white teenage girls fist fighting might make those watching wince (kicking and hair pulling and sucker punches, oh my), the girl who got hit by the shovel doesn’t seem to be too upset. In fact, on Twitter at least, she’s laughing off the shovel slam to the cranium.

  In a Twitter admission of her identity, the girl who got hit in the head with a shovel, yes, she was the girl and that she was doing alright.

” I’M THE GIRL that got hit in the head with the shovel lol … ya’ll made me famous for getting hurt LMAO” — @fugate_miranda

  In addition, the girl, who’s now been dubbed “shovel girl” online shared, she has a real name and a Facebook page and she’d prefer to be known by those.

  My Facebook name is Miranda Lynn!! Yes I got hit with a shovel. No my name’s not shovel girl” — @fugate_miranda “


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