Feds Try To Mail $400K Drone To Themselves, Send It To The Wrong Guy







” The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently tried to mail a drone from an Air Force base in Florida to one of its own animal sanctuaries in Massachusetts. A fairly simple procedure, you might assume, but also one that involves some pretty clear oversight since the remote-controlled device in question is worth upward of $400,000.”



Drone In Mail




” Somehow, one of the boxes of parts was delivered to the wrong address.

” I wasn’t expecting a freaking drone,” explained the lucky guy who received a free Puma All Environment Unmanned Aircraft yesterday along with some weight-lifting equipment he ordered from Amazon. He goes by the alias “Seventy_Seven” on Reddit, and there isn’t much known about him besides the fact he’s a college student nowhere near Massachusetts and has no time for aquatic wildlife monitoring equipment since he’s busy getting ripped on his new bench set.”


Reason has more and the original pictures are here .