SWAT Raid In Kalamazoo Turns Up Empty-Handed, Frightens Family








” A SWAT team raids a Kalamazoo family home looking for drugs, but turns up empty handed.

  It happened last Thursday at a house on Southworth Terrace. Two young children were home at the time. Their parents tell us, police made a mistake, and now they’re left to cope with the trauma.

  The family tells Newschannel 3 the man police were looking for, was renting the home nearly a year before they moved in, and they’re upset police didn’t do their homework before busting through their door.

” I thought it was somebody either trying to rob us, or hurt us,” said Jeremy Handley.

  Handley tells us after the KDPS SWAT team busted through his back door, he and his wife Becky were handcuffed and searched.

“He had me sprawl out right here on the floor, and then he had me put my hands behind my back,” said Handley. And Handley’s two children, ran and hid in a bedroom closet.”


Another family has been turned upside down by the barbarism of the State . Read on