This Is How You Die In An Electric Chair





” It’s getting pretty hard to kill a death row inmate these days. Faced with a nationwide shortage of lethal injection drugs, states have been scrambling to figure out how to keep executing prisoners without creating more controversy about their methods of capital punishment. Tennessee believes it has found a great solution: Bring back Ole’ Sparky.

  On Thursday night, Republican Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law that allows the state to electrocute inmates if prison officials can’t get their hands on lethal injection drugs. The move made Tennessee the first state to bring back the electric chair without offering death row prisoners another option for execution. “I think the legislature felt very strongly we needed to have some sort of backup in case the drugs for the lethal injection weren’t available,” Haslam said on Friday.”








” The law, which was overwhelmingly passed by state lawmakers, comes amid mounting questions about the humanity and effectiveness of lethal injection, the preferred method of execution for all 32 states that still use capital punishment. But the drought of lethal injection drugs has forced state officials to experiment with untested lethal cocktails obtained through shady, back-alley transactions. The results are often disastrous, as we saw with the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma last month.”


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