Behind The Scenes With The Dubai Police Supercar Fleet








” The fleet includes a Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin ONE-77, Ferrari FF, and much more.

  The Dubai policeman is sitting in a director’s chair in front of a McLaren MP4-12C, and just behind that, a Bugatti Veyron. He’s bragging that the total value of the cars in the police force’s garage is around $6,500,000, give or take a few hundred thousand. This is already pretty surreal.”





” And then he rattles off the entire fleet: a 700-hp Brabus-modified G63, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari FF, a Ford Mustang, an Aston Martin One77, a Mercedes SLS AMG, an Audi R8, a Bentley Continental GT, a Nissan GT-R, and some sort of American cruiser, maybe a Harley. And of course, the 12C and the Veyron mentioned earlier.”



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