Taliban Want To Kill Afghan Who Saved “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell







” The movie “Lone Survivor” just came out on DVD two weeks ago and its blockbuster status continues. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, it’s the story of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. In 2005, a four-man U.S. Navy SEAL recon team had its mission compromised by Afghan goat herders who, when released, informed the Taliban of their location. The four team members, Michael Murphy, Danny Deitz, Matt Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell fought valiantly but three of the four were killed, leaving Luttrell as the “lone survivor.”

  Luttrell survived only because of a centuries-old tribal code of honor called “Pashtunwali” which mandates Pashtuns afford protection to anyone in need. And so it was that Luttrell was found by a Pashtun village leader by the name of Mohammad Gulab and taken in – risking his own life in doing so.

  Gulab considered it his sacred duty under that tribal code and when the Taliban came to demand that he hand over Luttrell, Gulab refused. The Taliban persisted, alternating between promises of money and threats to murder him and the rest of the village. None of it changed Gulab’s mind. He and his neighbors remained steadfast.

  However, in a twist of fate, it seems Gulab is now the “lone survivor.” “


     We’ve witnessed this scene played out time and time again , from the Kurds in 1991 to the Pakistanis that turned in Osama and AQ Khan to the Iraqi judge that convicted Saddam and now Muhammad Gulab . Throw in the Poles , Czechs and missile defense  , the Montagnards in Viet Nam , the Cubans at The Bay Of Pigs and a host of other examples and it doesn’t pay to help Uncle Sam unless you harbor a death wish .



Allen West