About Katana Cultists And The “Perfect” Sword





Published on Feb 26, 2014

” Every serious collector and martial artist with knowledge of historical arms knows that there is no universal ultimate sword, better than everything else. But the fanatical fanboys and katana cult worshipers are pissed off by that factual statement.

  Of course there are plenty of reasonable katana enthusiasts who are not obsessively asserting to have found the ultimate sword. This video is not directed towards such reasonable people. This is actually a rant about ignorant fools with an over-inflated ego.

  Every blade weapon, be it bronze age dagger, Viking sword, European Medieval longsword, Scottish claymore, Indian tulwar or any Japanese sword has its pros and cons. Weapon design is always a matter of compromises, of enhancing one feature (e.g. cutting power) at the expense of another (e.g. thrusting ability), or alternatively going for a jack of all trades that does everything but nothing exceptionally well.

  Merely pointing out that there is no perfect sword does not make anyone a “katana hater”. Whoever claims that makes themselves look like a biased idiot in public.

  And comparing one style of martial arts versus another is also mostly pointless because it depends more on the individual fighter’s physical fitness, skills and tactics than the shape of the sharpened steel bar that they happen to use.

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