Don’t Read This List If You Scare Easily!







” New Jersey is a scary place, and I don’t mean the skyrocketing property taxes, monumental traffic jams and assorted crises and catastrophes that are our daily lot.

  I mean scary places: the haunted houses, abandoned buildings, creepy cemeteries and ghoulish legends packed into this tiny, terrifying state.

  Here’s my list of the Garden State’s 10 Creepiest Places, drawn from personal experience and my book New Jersey Curiosities, plus the archives of that indispensable and bottomless fount of strangeness, Weird N.J.

  Speaking of Weird N.J., here’s my story on an unforgettable road trip with Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, WNJ’s founders.

  Have your own favorite scary place or story? Feel free to share — if you dare! “



Here’s a sample …



” 10. The Spy House, Port Monmouth. Often dubbed “the most haunted house in America,” the Spy House has long been the home of ghostly apparitions and paranormal presences.

  Proprietor Thomas Seabrook spied on British troops during the Revolutionary War, and pirates buried their dead in the cellar. The house has been called “The Grand Central of Ghosts.”

  The Seabrook-Wilson Homestead, as it’s also known, now houses the Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, which will host upcoming programs on seals and snowy owls. There is no mention of the building’s ghostly history on the park web site. Hmmm, what are they trying to hide? “



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