Missing Michigan Bridge Found 30 Miles Away




” The owner of a 5,000-pound bridge that vanished from his property in suburban Detroit said the wood-and-steel structure has been found about 30 miles away.

  Robert Cortis, who reported the bridge stolen from his Farmington Hills property Wednesday, said the missing wood-and-steel structure was found Thursday about 30 miles away in Belleville.

  Farmington Hills Police Cmdr. Matt Koehn said the police investigation is ongoing, but the person or people responsible for taking the structure might not face prosecution.

” I can’t say if there was a crime committed here,” he told The Detroit News. “This might just be the result of a misunderstanding. A big misunderstanding.”

” Yes, that bridge was apparently taken without his permission but it would require an actual victim to seek criminal charges and he has made it clear he’s not concerned so much about prosecution, just getting his bridge back,” he said. “


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