Tooele County Deputy Shoots, Kills U.S. Army Sergeant




” Investigators are piecing together the events that led up to a Tooele County deputy shooting and killing a US Army sergeant.  It happened outside the victim’s home near the intersection of Aberdeen Lane and Merion Drive.

  Authorities say they have a lengthy investigation ahead of them but have confirmed the case started when the victim accidentally stepped on some broken glass. Residents of neighborhood say they woke up, hearing several loud gunshots.

” They were ‘boom, boom, boom, boom!’” said Candice Pratt, a neighbor. Pratt did not know at the time, but a county deputy had just shot and killed their neighbor.”

  Police say the officer was wearing a body camera but had not turned it on because he/she did not expect the situation to turn fatal. The call came in as medical emergency. ” 


   So the responding officer claims to see a man with a gun yet fails to turn on his body cam because he/she “did not expect the situation to turn fatal ” . Hmm … How does an ambulance call for a cut foot end with a shot to death patient ?


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